Перевод песни Neil Young – Shock and Awe

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Back in the days of shock and awe
We came to liberate them all
History was the cruel judge of overconfidence
Back in the days of shock and awe
Back in the days of «mission accomplished»
Our chief was landing on the deck
The sun was setting on a golden photo op Back in the days of «mission accomplished»
Thousands of bodies in the ground
Brought home in boxes to a trumpet’s sound
No one sees them coming home that way
Thousands buried in the ground
Thousands of children scarred for life
Millions of tears for a soldier’s wife
Both sides are losing now
Heaven takes them in Thousands of children scarred for life
We had a chance to change our mind
But somehow wisdom was hard to find
We went with what we knew and now we can’t go back
But we had a chance to change our mind.