Перевод песни Red Hot Chili Peppers – Million Miles of Water

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Broke down, I found
Even when you think you need a rest
You will live to fight another round
I know its too bad, so sad
All the things that we could’ve been and could’ve had
Hey girl, what sound
A million miles of water that are flowing deep beneath this ground
Now, I found you right here
A million miles of water
You were my muse
Just because you happen to have a bomb
Doesn’t mean you light the fuse
I know that, my girl, big lie
Four years and you never even said goodbye
Hey girl, what sound
I want you to remember that some times we have to go without
Now I found it right here
I want you to remember dear
We were two of a funny kind
So damn blind but now we got to never-mind
I know that this is the end, we tried
So hard, but now I got to lose a friend