Перевод песни Shyheim – There She Goes

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Damn, you ever see somebody you never thought
You was gonna see again, word
That shit is real, yo
Nigga should do real sucka shit, right Paige?
Ahaha, but you know, we stay g’d up, you know?
I dream of nickels, she’s two nickles
With that, equals, is a dime
She’s a cool girl, a school girl
It’s true girl, I live the life of crime
If I change my hustle, can we be a couple
You be Kimora Lee, I’ll be Russell
I’ll sell all my Def Jam’s, off the muscle
I’m nothin' like a cop, but, I’ll handcuff you
Take you to my precent, I’ll treat you decent
You still don’t believe it, well here’s the reason
You like poetry? Can we read under a tree
Walk by the lake, while you tell bout your day
Would that be O.J., I mean, okay
You can come around my, and chilll on my block
All day, everyday, til the gun shots stop
Stop, stop, stop, stop
I’ve never seen you, on any streets
In the hood, in the stores, in the schools
But right now, baby, oh, there you go
Imagine life with me, and what it could bring
Possibly, endless bliss to be
Let’s create history, make our mark
Take my heart, please don’t rip it apart
You have potential, that’s why I’m so into you
Miss Celebrity, can I have an interview
I know you got things to do, so I’mma be quick
Can I feed you chicken noodle soup, if you get sick
Rub you down with Vick’s, do you like them Knicks
Well, I can get tickets, would you like to kick it?
Do you want a Snapple, how about a Mystic?
I help reassure you, if you optomistic
Share my visions, peep my pictures
Aren’t they vivid? You keep them livin'
In the fist of Wu, plus in the spirit
Flowin' like the rhythm, similar to my lyrics
It was like, I was never seein' her Bee, no matter where I go
What hood, I was in, I wasn’t seein' her
But then I seen her, and felt real good
So it don’t matter if I never see her again
Not to say it don’t matter, but
If I don’t see her again, you know
I’m grateful for that time, that I seen her
Well actually, that I seen you
Aight, yeah, Bottom Up, Brock Bros
Yeah, DeJaun what up? Bee-Gee on the hook
Yeah… signin' off…