Перевод песни Polyrhythm Addicts – Seven Steps Behind (featuring Kriminul & Joc Max)

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Deaf and blind to all dumb rappers
Capture 'em in sound proof bubbles, keep that dumb shit muffled
Above average, individuals stellar
Non savage, love living right on the rise but not lavish
Dodge madness from stages and vanish
Feminine not manish but manage
To man handle matters that get hectic
Back track steps like dyslectics
Maintain bird's eye perfected
Above rhetoric, settle scores with wit lip from the tip
Scripts mixed with paradox, drop kick a verse
Send it flying over tree tops
Bust a nigga lopsided on the other side of the map
Just to let him know where I'm at I make 'em move they feet, incredible heat
Soften the tar on the street when I glide over beats
Make your sneakers stick to the concrete, I bomb fleets
Leave heaps of trash MC's, tall like the Rockies
Mockeries, them cats on wax, they carbon copies
I see 'em in the clubs on the streets and on beats
Watch we They smile in your face then try to lace you
I see it in they facial, cats they stay dilly
I do this here, for the love of music, money secondary
Skip the preliminaries let's get it on baby
I mash it up and add the gravy
Maybe we can make it happen so glorious
Polyrhythm world tour
Yo, the Poly's rhyme
While most MC's waste their time
They define, exactly what it takes to shine
Line after line
I'm sure that these cats can blow your mind
Footprints in the sand, you're seven steps behind
Outfitted, we roll wit it Double digit lyrics, spit it rapidly
You feel it hard as acrylic, for real it's a pleasure
Whenever we drop treasures, extreme measures
Ledgers of composition verbalize and then sever heads
Brethren, we taking US to UK
Where my crew sprays spells «doomsday»
What did his tomb say?
«Stupid rapper lacking content and subject matter»
Insufficient data when you rhyme
Made the crowd scatter
Make the crowd's gather, we the opposite
Bring apocalypse in many shapes and form
What I spit, it ain't the norm
It's like a killer swarm
Off of Africa, attacking ya, vernacular
made from scratch screaming, «Polyrhythmats»
For real you're lucky I decided to become an MC
Lex, Lex
Not like auto
Cause you can be brand new one day and crashed the next
Where Complex remains immortal
As long as you hit the red button and stop fronting on the pause
The cause is good, the floors is wood but they tremble
Cause you assemble
Cause you resemble
A herd of cattle
Heard you wanna battle
But you can battle yourself till you cause a war
Will laugh with you till you born
You get torn from the morn'
You get born from the porn
So don't frazzle with me While I poly
The rhythm the rebel
Been the addicts
And just like Spike it'll strike, She's Gotta Have It
«Live and direct in your eardrum»