Перевод песни Polyrhythm Addicts – Big Phat Boom

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Strong woman I am One of three players in a pyramid
Position on a grid
Wise like an Egyptian
Once again where I am to claim my crown
Manifestly bound to orbit around
The outer limits
Think of my cipher and infinite
Including everything in it Greet each day as a new beginning
Opportunity to be and think different
Not comprehending members of the human race
That neglect the facts staring them in the face
They choose not to elevate
I was born to illuminate tracks
Added for the phatness of the boom
Attack like lightning striking static when I enter the room
«Polyrhythmatic with a big fat boom» — A Tribe Called Quest 'Rhythm (Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts)'
«You go on and on, on, and on»
«Say it»
«You go on and on, on, and on»
«Say it»
«You go on and on, on, and on»
«Say it»
Yeah we take it to a higher plane
Up there with the rain clouds and charter planes
Up there with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury
Move free
Nothing around to slow me down see
Float like a gypsy
Roam like a nomad
Homes where I lay mine
State to state, plate to plate is how they play us In the mist of chaos we bring our vibe
Multiple rhythms, caught in the prism with lyricism
The rest get sizzled, throwed like beef grizzle
Beats get chiseled, rhymes get sculpted
Put it in they whip and they bump it till they tape pop
Poly hip hop
Get it together 'fore our shit drop
This squad of MC's that come in threes like death
Now you need to save your freestyle money for the ref
I stop you where you shop
Break you down where you buy your jewels
Make it look like fools in front of the people you front to I confront you
And tell you you got Six Minutes of Doug E. Fresh and hunt you
And embrace you
It's a waste that you'll waste your money
The way you'll waste your mind
You caught a facial
Now you're reaching for your waistline
But your chase is as slim as crackhead's body frame
I end your game
My pain expresses itself
Bruises dresses itself
A force presence is felt
As I swing around the uni-
-Verse and verse to make your out burst