Перевод песни Polyrhythm Addicts – Take Me Home (featuring Pharaoh Monch)

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Check it out, check it out
Apani B. Fly and Shabaam Sahdeeq and uh Mr. Complex and uh special guest uh Pharoahe Monch uh I am the Dj Spinna and this is how we do it each and every
time for your mind
As far as the show go You said I can get in free, three or fo', no mo'
Well I got fifteen with me, so how you like those balls?
You don't swing in life catching a lot of close calls
Let me in so I can send your friends, frenzy like
You wanna live it up, give it up, stop being the stingy type
I wanna eat so I peep mics with rhymes and beats
That I'll beat ya butt, but that's the surface
Cause deep down the sound will move your feet
But if that was the only feature it would defeat the purpose
You can't write a rhyme to make a crack head stop smoking crack
Or make a klepto give it back
Or kick a word that'll make a whole herd
Or even one human being attack
That's wack like my backhand swing with a tennis rack'
Kid, get out my face before you get the smack
Like that, boodoom bap bap it's like that
It's Complex with the lyrical flex to break necks
If you don't believe then check the text
(Take me home)
DJ Spinna the winner, he's no beginner
Chopping up beats for you to eat for dinner
(Take me home)
Shabaam Sahdeeq freak mic techniques
Every month of the year, every day of the week
(Take me home)
Apani B. Fly you know you can't deny
You're like the stimuli that gets everybody high
It's really all for you why I do what I do Spend hours thinking 'bout how to break down the truth
Spit it out in the vocal booth
Mic checked it and inject it into ADAT's
Carved onto wax, so DJ's can take me home in record bags
Needles drag and fingers scratch
Interpreted in mix format
Now I'm back on the shelve in abundance
To count the wealth from the proceeds
Of tapes and CD's
For me This whole MC thing is a breeze
I am to please
The moment exists to sees
Explore locations overseas
Where the air tastes fresh when you breathe
Make you feel it in your knees
Sensations only felt in your dreams
Experience divine vibration in physical formation be a means
Of releasing frustration
Take me home and put me in your Playstation
Yo We make moves unseen
Ain't seen cream
High strung three with the power to gleam
Bring it home like the gold
Cash with no fold
Plan to own homes in lands where cows roam
Plug in, your headphones
Wackness, not condoned
Poly cats rock your dome like bricks hitting the hard hat
Regardless of traps, brandish the facts
Hand 'em the wax
If you like it play that, love it (spin that)
Just a man trying to live out my life span
But I can see my life slipping through my hands like grains of sand
Can I make it?
(Yes you can)
Can I take it?
(Yes you can)
To the rest and put it up on the stand
Soft served, I play herbs to the side, cruise along for the ride
And when I hit skid, they slid to the side
It's all fair in war
Cause we gon' make it happen regardless of all of y'all