Перевод песни Mad Lion – Take It Easy

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Too many suckas an not a nuff time
To buck dem all up wid di clip pon mi 9
To shoot to kill dem seh mi dont care
I try to drill but it nuh get mi nowhere
A juss pull dung mi gun inna Billy suitcase
Big up mi fist fi buck off dem face
An dat one shotta nuh dip cau
Toe to toe once again
Wi distinguish real bad bwoys dem
An if yuh a bad bwoy not a guy caan die
Let mi see yuh fist dem
Dutty bwoy jump up dutty bwoy get
Some guy could but him need fi get
If dem buy dem gun seh dem run outta luck
An wi come back aloooone fi bun dem
Deh pon microphoooooooone
So juss step up step up
Put yuh doob to di side an tek out yuh good food
Truckle up truckle up an mind yuh grill
None likkle gun cau yuh get hurt still
I am mi fist mi nuh need not a gun
Nah guh touch yuh if yuh dont touch mi first
If yuh touch bwoy yuh must mind di dust
Bad bwoy rude bwoy likkle face nah skin up
These said person wi nuh he who tuff
I gotta bank an clutch
It is di program why yuh muss get?
Too many suckas an not a nuff time
To buck dem all up wid di clip from mi 9
I try to drill but it dont get mi nowhere
Flip inna mi pocket an mi angry weh mi may
Tek out mi gun put it in mi suitcase
Big up mi face an yuh know mi run di place
One thump thump inna bwoy dem face
Two thump thump an wi tear dung di place
Three thump thump an he cannot escape
Cannot mi seh cannot mi seh cannot escape cau
Toe to toe once again a
Mi distinguish real bad bwoys dem a
An if yu a bad bwoy not a guy caan dive
Let mi see yuh fist dem
Cau Im not a deejay an Im not a MC
A bad bwoy to member in di group beenie wi
Step to wi rudebwoys no problem
Wi have di fist an it whip us out den (WAH)
Out fi mi gun bout it kill all mi frien
Big up mi fist just to punch out yuh face
Love fi mi fist an di gun nex to cod
Use fi mi fist cau mi up inna line
Wicked bad bwoy run tings every time
All dem a talk an defend
Gal storm mi from love di gal dem
Gal pon di left an gal pon di right
Two a dem come by an waan fight
One two a punch one tek out a knife
An any coolie gal can tek weh har life
Tell mi gooda people is dat right
I dont like dat dem flex inna mi sun
Kill dem gal juss kill dem ass hum
Bwoys deh nuh wicked an bad to di bone