Перевод песни Fair Warning – Desolation Angels

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Lost in a dream a fantasy
Born in the wasteland of the night
Way down the coastline of reality
Visions of terror came alive
Faces of stone haunting my soul
Eyes full of mad desire
Voices of pain desperate and cold
Trapped in a world of lies
Desolation angels desolation angels
Washed to the shores of nowhereland
They are the castaways of life
Caught in the darkness, they once tried to end
Bound to be phantoms of the night
But somewhere out there there’s still a world
They left it long behind
Somewhere they hope there’s still a chance
Just when the time is right
Desolation angels desolation angels
From the gates of isolation
To the fields of agony
Through the deserts of frustration
To the edge of sanity
Cast in the dark a blazing light
Gave me direction just in time
Saved from the circles of mad delight
Pity and sorrow on my mind
Desolation angels desolation angels