Перевод песни Sheila & B. Devotion – Love Me Baby

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Love me baby with emotions
baby love me with devotion
I see tenderness in you eyes
it’s a feeling that you can’t disguise.
Love me baby
baby love me in the starlight in the moonlight
love me like a flower loves the sun
love me every moment from now on.
Only yesterday I was lonely in a bar
playing spanish music on my spanish guitar
then you walked in girl looking like a movie star
now that we’re together please don’t love me from a-far.
Love me baby with affection
baby love me to perfection
love me like a breeze loves to play
blowing through the leaves a summer day.
Love me baby
baby love me love me truly love me dearly
love me like green grass loves the rain
love me like a night-fly loves the flame.
Sweetly love me sweetly
gently love me gently
only love me only.
Love me baby with emotion
Love me baby
love me love me even when I’m crazy
love me when I sing and when I dance
love me like young lovers love in France.
Lucky lucky me found a honey girl like you
all I do is love you turn into honey dew
sunlight in your eyes don’t you feel the same way too
now that we’re together you love me and I’ll love you.
Love me gladly love me madly
don’t you tease me come on squeeze me love me all the day and all the night
love me like a man should love his wife.
Love me baby with emotion
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