Перевод песни Stalingrad Cowgirls – Let Me Make it Real

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These days are getting so damn hard all the time
(all the time) (2x)
You’re beating on the edge of my heart
(of my heart) (3x)
But I know you gotta change
And you know that it won’t work like this at all
But I’m there at your side
I’m here when you are feeling like this
I know how you feel baby
Let me make it real
I know that you see baby
That this world ain’t just a dream
Are these words making you feel sad all the time?
(all the time) (2x)
'Cause I can feel your poor little heart breaking down
(breaking down) (2x)
But I know you gotta change
I know how you feel
Is this life worth living this way?
Is it enough for us?
Oh no
(two three four)