Перевод песни Dubee – Mac Dre (Game I'm Spittin)

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Serving fat game that you couldn't imagine
Boy I can talk a cat off a fish wagon
Or sell an Eskimo ice at a high price and get him twice
Mayne, I'm nuttin' nice, and games my merchandise
I grind rhymes like base rocks an «89»
Lacin' young playas getting em ready for shady times
No shady rhymes, you're guaranteed to love it And since I got much of it, it's gonna cost to dub it So get ya scrilla, ya fetti, ya scratch, and yo' mail
And holla at me folks, I got game for sale
Mothafuckas jock me 'cause I'm dope when I be flowin
Suckas try to stop me, but I honk and keep on going
I'm simply not the type who likes to kick it with a square
I kick it with the bitch who's filthy rich 'cause I'm a player
Time and time again, man, niggas always ask me
'Why do hoes jock you when you spit raps so nasty?'
I look them in the eye and I reply to the question:
'Game is to be taught so let me teach yo ass a lesson'
Bitches love niggas who can pop a lot of shit
Sprung on the tongue so they jock for the dick
I never met a broad that didn't like the way I lace her
Poured a hoe some game and served this pimpin as a chaser
Fools can't understand the shit I teach in a verse
Rapping about that bitch and how she reached in her purse
It takes a true playa to really recognize
It's all about that money not the shit between the thighs
Suckas love pussy more than money and they show it They eat it and mistreat it and they even pay for it I truly don't know why them fools be salting up the game
Real niggas pimp but you don't hear me mayne
I know this mothafucka who won't hesitate to hit a bitch
A right to the jaw is what I saw when he got with his bitch
Showing no mercy for them hoes that be flossing
Acting like they all that when they only good for tossing
I feel the same way about them bitches that be faking
Hoes ain't shit unless they bringing home the bacon
And if it's like that then I act like I love the hoe
But when I'm not with her, man, I'm dicking down another hoe
Playas know what I flow is nothin but that real shit
Fuck them fakin broads, man, get you a real bitch
I don't be bullshittin with this game that I'm spittin
So pay attention to this game that you gettin
It's kind of foul and some say 'wow'
But I be servin it real the only way I know how
As I put down this demo, no, you will not hear no Sucka shit out these lips, but I bet you'll hear mo'
Styles and techniques, shit to catch freaks
If ya lackin mackin homeboy you best beat
I serve it the right way, them broads they like Dre
I'm givin baby action if I'm thinkin she might pay
I might play, with her body and soul
And have her doin every god damn thing she's told
I manipulate then stipulate
The rules then I use every grit she makes
See I'm a playa up in this game, a professional
And if you ain't shit bitch I'mma let ya know
Then I'mma let you go, hoe, 'cause I don't need ya Take em, break em, shake em is a pimp's procedure
See simps, they feed ya, be glad they G'd ya
I'mma kick back analyze and read ya Peep potential, reap essentials
Then run a player check on your freak credentials
No time to play games with broads that say thangs
Irrelevant, I tell a bitch the shit that Dre brings
Is realer than Swiss cheese, I'm out to get G's
If you ain't with it punk bitch then get these
Nuts in your mouth, no more no less
You fuckin around, with that pimp playa Crest
I don't be bullshittin with this game that I'm spittin
So pay attention to this game that you gettin
Its kind of foul and some say 'wow'
But I be servin it real the only way I know how
Spittin that real shit ya know
Mac who?
Mac mothafuckin Dre
Crestside, For my folks, my real folks
Young Sugawolf, mothafuckin Pimp
I'm fresh out the mothafuckin federalies
And my folks is giving me love on this album
I got to turn this out for you, cuddie
I got to do this for you, cuddie
Young Dubee, you big ol' pimp you
Love you folks
Lets get rich, pimp a bitch
And kill a mothafuckin snitch
Sideways to the next puss