Перевод песни Dubee – I'm Ah Hog

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Oh, so you got it?
Oh and now since you got your personal package
Mosey on to the dank man
Spend your twomp
Go get your Heem, get you some Hennessy
And burn it in a Backwood if you really wanna get there
(See, Dubee be on them backwoods)
And when you get there (It's what I’m a do)
It’s in your soul
(Stupid nigga, watch your ass, nigga!)
You know what? Hey, hey, hey, man, hey man
Will you niggas please sit the fuck down
So we can get into this nigga’s shit? Thank you
What’s happening, y’all?
Wanna thank y’all for tuning in to W-Y-B-B Radio
(C-C-C) Crestside Radio, we taking calls
One more time, back in your ear
Seven oh seven, five trey five, five trey five five
We got Shequina’s thick, fine ass in here
Answering telephones (It's mandatory)
Doja mist is all up in the studio, it’s on
On behalf of the C-C-C, Y-B-B, we wanna welcome Mac Dre home
Young pimped-ass Sugawolf
Continuing the macking tradition from the Crestside, check it out
I’m just a hog in this shit, pimpin all in my veins
It’s a shame that I serve y’all with explicit game
I bang on the track, bring it back and matter fact
I’m just your average, everyday hustler from the track
With my strap, keeping a stack fat
Slip with a grip we jack that
Mandatory hogging for the green so we at that
Just fetti related soldiers, hogging for the scrill
Gotta pay my dank bill so I fiend to make mills
Hustling skills indeed, fool that’s what you need
How could I claim to be a G but I ain’t accumulatin' Gs?
So I choose to make my Gs as priority
Heavy hustling steady bubbling in these Crestside streets
I mob on these beats, with capital hog-type spits
And these suckas mug mean but your boy be on his
So you see, it’s nothing but that hog up in me
From the perm to the tip of my t-o-e
Cause I’m nothing but a hog, just a hog
Just a hog, just a hog
You see? I’m just a hog
I’m just a hog, I’m just a hog
Can you see? I’m just a hog
I’m just a hog, just a hog
Cause I’m nothing but a hog, just a hog
Just a hog, just a hog
One more time, back in your ear
It be that hog, dirty dog, pimping up in my blood
From the Country Club serving it for the hustlers and thugs
On the block mayne, we rock 'caine up in clumps
With shrapnel spitting thang-thangs, for the dump
You see, I be a G from the Country Club
Fucking with hoggish thugs, show your mean mugs we show slugs
Guaranteed to blow your skull out your beanie cap
Where you at? I’m all about that hogging on the track
With my strap, now look at here, or over there
I put the mack down and bogards like a bear
Cause I see them niggas don’t show no love, for sheez
They ride through and get to blasting, emptying clips, so
I recollect, check and spread the news
Catch em slipping, blow them niggas out they tennis shoes
And they socks trying to plot, on Gs under trees
But you know, them big dogs fuck over fleas
We call it filthy game, extreme, clever, keen
Chop chops, and cavvy blocks hogging for the green
You see? It’s nothing but that hog up in me
From the perm to the tip of my t-o-e
Now I be hogging indeed, fucking 'em up fasho
I’m in the do', Y-B-B, letting them niggas know
That it’s that mini-mack mobster, Sugawolf Pimp
Serving 'em with that sharp stuff, ready to break a bitch
When I serve, I’m working they nerves, beating 'em down to the curb
With this pimping gift of game that your cuddie mack served
Leaving 'em stirred, broke down like pronouns and categories
Fucking with hogs, who for sure gone clown, it’s mandatory
See my pimping is poised, so I hog like that
And be a dog like that, and stabbing all y’all cats
So when you see me hogging for mine
Give your boy a playa wave and the pimping go fine
It’s a dose, serving that shit from coast to coast
Representing fat checks and my Crestside folks
So you see, it’s nothing but that hog up in me
From the perm to the tip of my t-o-e
Y-B-B Radio, caller you’re on the air
What’s happening, Sauce?
What’s happening big boy?
I’m already loving this Sugawolf shit
Alright, fasho
Y’all did it again
Hey man, ask Khayree if he can switch them beats up
I love how y’all do that shit
How’s that?
Ha, there y’all go
There y’all go
You know it don’t stop, playa, it don’t stop
Lookie here, we gotta get up outta here
Right on man, we gone keep on listening
(See) Cause uh, we gotta go
Y’all keep on staying tuned
That’s banging, man
I think up next we got The Mike D Show
The real Mike D
Once again, wanna thank you for tuning in
To W-Y-B-B Radio
On the wheels of uh, Crestside steel we got DJ Rell
And of course all potent pimping and, uh
Ghetto tactics and lyrical lacings provided by Sugawolf
Alright pimp, go on to the next song
Yeah, the Real Mike D