Перевод песни Dubee – The Word

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Wassup, Mac Dre?
I smoke indo
Yeah, all my folks, what’s happening?
Crestside, Crestside love
Yeah, we off the heezy
Sugawolf, put it up in 'em
Cause we off the heezy
Can you feel me?
Yeah, though
Sugawolf Peezy
One more time, on the motherfucking mic
Sugawolf Peezy represent Crestside
From the Mark Street, yeah you know
One more teezy
Chevy striker, dank igniter, all that shit, you know?
For my folks and shit, representing
Sugawolf Peezy, off the heezy, you know?
They call it easy
They call me
Sugawolf Peezy, off the heezy
Spit the gift for some screezy
That’s for sheezy
Hustling, puffing up on the weezy, yes indeezy
Baby boy that’s on the reezy
You best believe me
I break it down, speaking on major shit for sure
Hustlers, hogs and soldiers, feel me though
I be serving, speaking the gift of gab, working nerves and
Ain’t no pimp-a-trating, playa hating, yet you heard it
So I serve it, for your info
Toking and choking up on them Backwoods, full of indo
Let me split (split,) mob on a bitch
That’s fasho (sho,) in a fo' do'
And so, now the info is, off the indo spliff
It’s me, Sugawolf Peezy, ready to bump a bitch
Something crucial, as usual, I bogard
With the pimping gifted flows known for pulling hoe cards
It’s your boy, I bring the noise
Ain’t no sequel, or equal, I destroy
When I serve, I show no love for you herbs
Speaking up on that game baby boy, thought you heard
I heard the word around the town is
(Crestside playas like me we be houndin')
For real (for real,) stuck on major scrill
Fasho (Crestsider!) Act like you know
Now I be the G known for working suckas nerves
Off the heezy, indeezy, running up over curbs
Riding buckets, thinking fuck it, perm banging bitch
It’s me, Sugawolf, speaking pimp shit
I be hogging indeed, fucking 'em up fasho
Representing five trey five, got my folks in the do'
Country Club, Crestsiders, Chevy riders
Flip the script for major scrill, putting lead inside of
The fake and faulty pimps be hatin'
Speaking up on my name because they going through frustration
But I be keen, sipping on heem, choking on reefer
On the spot, packing chops, and millimeters
Do you feel? I fuck with dogs they play dirty
Pop in the clip and get to spitting thirty
I bet they hurt him, thought you heard
That them god damn curves gone leak
Every time they fuck with me, so we
Strap that shrapnel, hollow hollow thangs
Striking that Chevy through your ghetto
It ain’t no thang, baby boy
We bring the noise, like Gotti boys
So you best to check your pimping 'fore I seek and destroy
Fucking 'em up, yeah I represent my folks
Fucking 'em up like that there, though
It’s your boy I destroy sucker emcees
You know they can’t get with me
I come through on that uh, Thug Passion
Hit the set like, whippin' dippin' and dashin'
See my folks, yeah you know
It’s how we do though, fo' sho'
Throwing up my three Cs like a big old G
You know, Crest vet, they can’t fuck with me
So you know you better get a personal package, we at that
And you know we got them shrapnels and fat gats
Yeah, though, Country Club, though
You better ask somebody
We hot as one fifty one Bacardi
You tramp bitch
Yeah, we serving 'em, something like that, though
Sugawolf Peezy off the heez, bitch