Перевод песни Benzino – X-tra Hot

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Hey I’m back with a hit at then dumpsters
Plus your speakers dump that real shit
To blow out your tweeters pull out your
Heaters if your cold warm it up get it
Up my niggas and my bitches get your
Hands get em up I gets rough ride I
Get it raw like never before hard core
Explore nigga to knock down your door
It seems you can’t take no more so
Stick em up now give it up to get
Your nigga’s buck what the f**k I
Struck a match I tip my hat to the
Left I get them niggas with the laws
Of death I got the rep motherf**ker
My name is Daz I’ll whoop ass every
Day all day I count big ass cash it’s
Just I keep on comin with it I know
You’re scare with it it’s Diggy Daz
And Benzino back on a f**kin mission
Oh no nigga I’m back with another
Dose and if you niggas don’t know I
Rock coast to coast I hit you with a
Click-clack and a pick-pack niggas
Wanna do that and they said that I
Did that the D-A to the Z and Mr
Dillinger willin to f**k a reese
Now my niggas you know who run the
Streets everytime I come around to
Your club or the spot we got it hot
All my niggas and bitches why don’t
You yell it out and if you
See me coast to coast don’t act
Like you seen a ghost just scream
It out
Benzino temperature is risin I want you inside me touchin on my body
Boy you got me burnin and I can’t hide this feeling I’m extra hot and
I’m waitin for you
I’m steady livin and shit you see
It’s evident I canary wearin it
Not even hearin ya meet her at
The Merridian unforgetable
Experience hit that I’m killin
It macked out I’m swervin it
Crapped out your nervousness
Stacks I be deservin them
Cats I’m not concerned with
Them who you I never heard
Of ya act out I murder ya
Blast out I’m burnin ya
Niggas ain’t that appalin
And chicks I be importin them
Fly that ass Zino put you up
In first class she bring a
Coat for D-A-Z at the crib
With L-T feelin doggy-style
Part three
Everytime I come around
Your clubs or your spot we
Get it hot all my niggas and
Bitches why don’t you yell it out
and if you see me coast
To coast don’t act like you
Seen a ghost just scream it out
Click clack I’m bustin em
Hit stacks I’m clutchin em
This track I’m crushin em
Back door I’m rushin it
Flip rhymes complete with it
Hit dimes I’m sick with it
Grit nines I’m spittin it
The ass hard he feelin it
Blast off I’m pealin it
Drop top be wheelin and
Everybody be sayin that
Benzino is the realest thing
Now here we go again let’s
Get this dough again f**k
It I fly to Logan and Zino
Rip up the show again Chronic
Steady smokin it the drama
Never provokin it niggas
Already knowin that Jacob
He keeps me glowin and East
We keep it hustlin South they
Keep it crunk and West they
Keep it comin and West they
Keep on gunnin it
Everytime I come around
Your club or your spot we
Get it hot all my niggas
And bitches why don’t you
Yell out and if you
See me coast to coast don’t
Act like you seen a ghost
Just scream it out