Перевод песни Benzino – 44 Cal. Killa

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44 Caliber killa
Face, Young Mcneil
44 Caliber killa
I beat my meat so I can come through on any block start come-dumping Zino don’t
Stop stop shootin I’m my mouth cause I got A taste for the stuff
If you bring me the pain I’ll straight up let you this me cause my heart’s made
A mud and my lyrics are from disney
I been known to blow Scarface so that I could walk the yard
And my dad’s A fake pacino wit A boyfriend named bernard
It ain’t no secret if let me I’ll get down on my knees and blow you
I got semi-automatics with beams but I’d rather kiss yer bozack
I prefer the 44 Caliburs cause it’s bigger in my mouth
Got A little rag called source and it’s street cred has gone south
Horus (2x)