Перевод песни The Monkees – Dandruff?

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
By Jack Nicholson & Robert Rafelson
«Supernatural, perhaps…»
«Change one tape, the entire process is regeared. Leisure: the
Inevitable by-product of our civilization. The tragedy of your times, my
Young friends, is
That you may get exactly what you want.»
Cop: «Out…»
Mike: «Oh»
Cop: «Out…get outta here.»
Micky: «Hi. What’s going on?»
Cop: «Move it! Out!»
Peter: «Oh, hello officer, certainly glad to…»
Cop: «Shut up… Okay, weirdos…»
Director: «Alright, fellas, will you come forward, please?»
Micky: «Who's that?»
Director: «Alright, now, jump up and down a little, huh, fellas? Get
Lost in it…»"
Davy: «Jump into this?!? What is this stuff?»
Director: «…there you go… very good. Look, you’re supposed to be
Dandruff, fellas.»
All: «Dandruff?»
Director: «Will you work at it, please? Jump up and down a little
Playback: «Dandruff, dandruff…»
Director: «Good, that’s better, that’s good.»