Перевод песни Ornette Coleman – Poise

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Some nights we got too high to fall asleep
These nights we went Stark Raving
Star gazing like Carl Sagan
We screamed at the moon
Then eclipsed it with a spoon
Bob Dylan style
Young and wild but still so unenthused
I think we're Stark Raving
The walls inhaled and exhaled to the rhythm of our sleepless hearts
Pulsating like a distant drum, like an 808
They palpitate to a beat we couldn't calculate
Our friends changed as our tea got cold
We danced with wolves in sheepskin coats
These nights we went Stark Raving
I became nocturnal and started keeping a journal
Your cigarette bounced between your lips
Like someone with no hands using a pen
What would you be writing me then?
All the bites on my skin
From the bed bugs
I get a head rush
Every time that I think about it
So drink about it
Smoke about it
Spoke about it
With your friend but she just don't know you how I
Know you and that's the part about it
Sad enough, I've saddled up this stallion of nostalgia
Release the hounds!
Fell them breathing down your back
Breeding ground for bacteria
And I screamed so loud I left ears from miles around hearing it
Me? I had my coattails on, her coke nails long
It reached around my neck piercing it
Right into my vocal chords
Roadkill shawls
Made from a jack russell terrier
Feel the cold blade to your calf muscle area
In my old age I'm a bad judge of character
Captain America, flying quicker than a Boeing jet
Bunny slippers, bloody fingers
Flipping through a rolodex feelings all just coalesce
With each other, bounty hunter, kill 'em like I'm Boba Fett
Bobbing to the same damn rhythm
We're just brain dead, plain red, grain fed chickens BOKOK!
We're moths eating through fabric
We're creatures of habit
We creak in the attic
That evil inhabits
We're little lab rats
In a labyrinth
So elaborate
You said you'd bring Sgt. Pepper if you were ever stuck on an island
Well I'd just bring a blank disc, sit and listen to silence
Baby get down from there
Baby get down from there
Baby get down from there
Baby get down