Перевод песни Jerry Jeff Walker – Maybe Mexico

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Ah, to be up and leaving this town
Heading down an open road
To New Orleans, maybe Mexico
The whole world topsy turvy, you feel like you’re upside down
Everyday it’s a push and a shove, ah, people trying to get around
Working hard, breaking even’s good; to live you know you need to pay
Yeah, I’m half way gone; I feel I got to stay
But I don’t like living trapped this way
Get away, get away yeah
Ah, to be up and leaving this town, heading down an open road
With all that you own kinda thrown on the back seat
Thinking 'bout where you’re going, to New Orleans, maybe Mexico
If only you could pack up everything you love
And everyone who’d even been your friend
Keeping close to you the things that make you strong
And carry them with you around the bend
The fear to move and meet the new can keep you in line
To go you know that something stays behind
Separate the good and bad, 'cause you know the kind
The world is passing you by, but right down the line, down the line
Whoa, to New Orleans, maybe Mexico
I gotta get out of here, don’t you know, yeah baby
Gotta head on down the line, down the line, down the line