Перевод песни Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Conversation

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Rashaan Roland Kirk
I command you
To go To sleep
And dream
Oh, dream!
Oh, what am I going to dream about?
I haven't dreamt all I can dream in life
I'm trying to wake up and live
And make some money off some dreams that
That people been making money off my dreams
No good
You know I ain't going to do nothing like that
I pull the plug out and then what's happened?
We are the ones that's been waking up the world!
You don't want me to go to sleep
Pull the plug out of you and you'd be dead
You talking to me?
I got a computer at home that's mean
Invented back in 1930-something
You know the piano, Rol?
You scared of that?
I went by somebody's house
A woman was making love to a computer
She didn't have no either