Перевод песни Mel Torme – Jet Set

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Where has she been all my life
I’m drawn like a moth to her flame
I’d make her my princess
I’d make her my wife
But I don’t even know her name
How can I find her
Where could she be?
Without her I won’t be the same
Without her my heart will never be free
But I don’t even know her name
He’s the one I’ve been waiting for
The handsome prince of my dreams
I’ve never felt this way before
Afloat in a sea of moonbeams
Could this be love
The way that I feel?
Will I ever see him again?
I have to know if love is real
Without him my world will end
Where have you been all my life?
I’ve been waiting for someone like you
Will you be my princess?
Will you be my wife?
My darling, yes I do
Come back, come back
I love you so
Save me
They’re tearing me away
Darling, tell me your name
Before you go
I can’t hear you, oh please
Help me stay
Where has love been all my life?
Why is love leaving this way?
Who will console me and kiss away my tears?
When love has gone away
When love has gone away