Перевод песни NRBQ – Smackaroo

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Jumpin' on the seat
Rollin' down the street
Say you can’t beat
Feelin' this way
C’mon let’s go
Say you don’t know
Why you can’t beat
Feelin' this way
Baby don’t you hear me comin'
Say you can’t see
Why you can’t be
Why you can’t be
Ridin' with me
What a good sight
Don’t it feel right
Think you just might
Feel like me
Who could even plan
How it’s all ran
Where it all began
Could we now boy?
Isn’t it enough
Lookin' straight up
Or do we get the book
And have to look it up
You can never stay
Peolpe gonna say
World gives away
People like me
Repeat verse one