Перевод песни Brownsville Station – Love, Love, Love

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It’s 4 AM
The paperboy’s at it again
I can’t get no sleep
What’s the point
If I can’t even dream up a dream that’s worth the keep
And so there’s no need in even going
'Cause I’m better off never knowing
Never cared for the latest news breaking
If I have to, I’m pretty good at fakin' the truth
'Cause this life is a beautiful one
And though I’ve seen it coming undone
I know most definitely
That it’s gonna be you and its gonna be me
I’m smilin' now
Just because…
Love, love, love
We are all lovers and takers
Breaking hearts to make the papers
She wants love, I told her to stop trying
'Cause the reasons for her tears
Aren’t worth crying
This life is a beautiful one
And though I seen it comin' undone
Well I know most definitely
That it all works out the way it’s meant to be
I’m laughing now
Just because…
Love love love