Перевод песни Cheech And Chong – Acapulco Gold Filters

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Me and Marty took a honeymoon
Below the border 'neath the silvery moon
I was eighteen and he was twenty two
Now we’re just a-doin' what the young folks do
We’re goin' south, south, to get that
Acapulco Gold
Ain’t nothin' it can’t fix
Old dogs can learn new tricks
When the streets are lined with bricks
Of Acapulco Gold
We’d just 'bout decided to cadge the whole thing
But then we thought that we ought to swing
You know the southland’s got the keys
Curin' them cotton pickin' sniffles and sneeze
Zig zag polly wolly diddum woddum doo
Hey diddle diddle twenty three skidoo
Me and Marty sure had fun
Acapulco Gold for everyone