Перевод песни Beenie Man – World Gone Mad

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Verse 1: How some bwoy a talk suh like a dem one get di power
When pu-pum dem a devour
Eat di girl like dem a flour
Sex di girl dem by di hour
Mek dem bawl fi all dem madda
Cool mek mi line up mi girl dem get dem togetha
How some guy a dis mi when mi talk mi nah guh rhyme
My toe mi jam mi drop a sign
A me di gal dem waan fi wine
Because di DJ nah rewind
Because dem cyaan come touch mi style
Because di DJ nah guh talk like nuh Calvin Klein
How dem a try fi dis mi when dem know wi find new gear
Because a we one rule di year
Di gal dem play up inna wi hair
Di gal dem treat wi with care
Because di clothes a weh wi wear
Because dem know seh wicked man a rasta man wi nah guh fear
Chorus: Has di worl gone mad?
Summady tell mi nuh?
Has di worl gone mad?
Guh ask di President
Has di worl gone mad?
Summady tell mi nuh?
Has di worl gone… is di worl gone…
Has di worl gone mad?
Please tell mi nuh
Has di worl gone mad?
Mi really waan fi know
Has di worl gone mad?
Has di worl gone… is di worl gone
Verse 2: Rastaman nuh mix up inna babylon business
Because dem know wi work suh hard
Because a nuff time wi profit
Because di way wi treat wi life
And all di way how wi guh live
Dem nuh like wi cause wi tink positive
And yo. hey
Nuff a dem keep up every day dem inna di killing
And a one bag a looting and join up inna bag a shooting
Then policeman haffi ketch him
When dem ketch him dem guh shot him
Yuh hear him mumma deh bawl «what a innocent ting!»
Everyday yuh get up inna di cold yuh still nuh sure yet
Di whole heap a money weh yuh mek mi seh becareful how yuh spend it
Well yuh haffi spen it wisely and nuh mek police man touch it
Else you a guh get deport and Lukie waan guh live it and…
Verse 3: Well di prisoners dung a GP well a fi dem past wi grief because di
footballers and musicians a we a run di peace look how some likkle rasta bwoy
nuh know John who live out a east A nuff a dem a wolf unda clothes a nyam meat
yeah… Cuh him a try fi dis mi when him know wi got di heat and when a we one
got di passion di passion wi got di beat and di music it a play and how di
music sound suh sweet unu cool mek mi rock to di bad reggae beat How dem a try
fi dis mi when a we one set di history and a we one write di story and a we one
get di glory yo wi happy Bob Marley set di pace dat we can tek it well easy all
a di artist dem inna di country and sing