Перевод песни Union 13 – Malice

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
All of the Malice imploded towards silence
It’s my time to rest so just kill all the nonsense
I already know you and you’ll never know me
Be just who you are and others will agree
In this world full of clones that just copy each other
And as I get older the voices get louder
Malice arresting some thoughts that I have
'cause' they’re wrong I confess
Malice the source of your spite is inside and won’t let you rest
And what does it all mean the hurdle is the scene
It’s easy for them to throw stones at your dreams
Concerned about nothing
These thoughts are amounting to nothing of value
The truth maybe shocking
We will all die because man has no brother
Are we all worth saving?
Who out there will bother?
(Repeat chorus)