Перевод песни Down By Law – The Last Goodbye

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Here it is, another end
And now we act like strangers, like we never met
But I can’t forget
You said you were on the other line that day
So I sat and waited for the callback that never came
Now where can I dispel the memories of your crime?
Where can I release the burn of bitterness inside?
There’s an astroplane of rage somewhere in the sky tonight
I need to find it, to unburden, to try to set my head on right
My heart feels hard even as the memories fade
Soon I’ll be able to smile at all the times you took away
They say that I’ll get stronger form this
Dear god let them be right
But I still see you when I close my eyes at night
This is the last goodbye
That’s what you want from me
This is the last goodbye
So that’s what you get