Перевод песни Down By Law – No One Gets Away

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Wake up to the darkness of another day
You’re determined: today you’ll get away
But all too soon you find that your day is set
And you haven’t figured how to get out yet
All the images are so confusing
The thoughts in your head are so bruising
Coffee table world is so alluring
All the lines you drew once are blurring
You once were the rebel — so full of hate
Now it seems the suit doesn’t fit so great
View yourself a bit uneasily
This wasn’t how it was going to be
You know that rationales are far too easy
But you’ve got to pay the rent and stay warm
Ideals battle with reality
You view the world as you know it to be
You built a foundation — but it’s hard to stay
Truth be told — no one gets away
You say of course things change — well I know things change
But that doesn’t make it easier to piss it all away