Перевод песни Rich Kids On LSD – Find A Way

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Find A way!
To make it in this world where a kid’s just got no say
Take all the words and thoughts I’ve said and throw 'em away
Your talk is cheap
You don’t communicate
I can’t relate
Times have changed
For the better but they never really seem to stop this game
Thoughts I’ve said and throw 'em away
An IOU for you to show they’re late
You can’t complain.
They really seem to notice when your bills aren’t paid, Hey!
Been working all week long,
For the man with no pay.
Now listen to my story,
How I found a way.
To cope with life,
Dealing with the best.
Only finding out later,
The game was just a test.
So I went to Taco Bell,
Thought I’d order a dinner.
Order beef burrito,
And he rolled me up a pinner.
I wolfed the whole burrito,
Even though the beans were bitter.
10 minutes after I was rushed to the shitter.
The food was so old,
It must have been rusted.
Called the Health Department,
And the place got busted.
Sing a song, a six pack,
Shlitz Red Bull.
I took the beer from your hand,
And asked you for a pull.
You Ol’Lilly light lipped,
Lex Luthor lettuce picker.
Been a long time,
Since I used a pig sticker.
Arm and Hammer always twisting Reynold’s Rap,
Gimme Jimmy Z’s quick release velcro not snap.
The beat’s gotten old,
And our story gone astray.
You can rap to machines,
But Rock N Roll’s the way.
I know that your on glue,
And your Rhymes are just for filler.
You said the Hubba’s killer,
Now you look like Phyllis Diller.