Перевод песни Suffocation – Anomalistic Offerings

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Evil dwells within the inner sanctum of the mind. Each person has a
Piece of the puzzle locked inside. It only takes the right key to
Open the subconscious. Once inside, it feeds like a leech sucking
The blood of an organism
Until the whole body is infected with the disease. The mind then
Becomes cluttered with cloudy visions of death, killings and all
Other satanic bidding’s. It begins to affect their train of thought
The limbs cease to function, they tend to run amok. Reaching out to
Grab a utensil of death
Maybe starting with a finger or toe
Once you’ve started, you can’t withhold yourself from continuing
The pain you feel is a mere infraction of the evil that dwells
Within your head
You must continue to rid yourself of the dreaded disease. Maybe if
You cut it out, the eye of the plague that sweeps across your body
You could be whole again
In order to tear this part of yourself, would bare to die a painful
It would include opening the skull cavity and removing the brain
An unspeakable horror that no being could handle
Yet you feel as if this were your only hope
Your prepare yourself for surgery
Scalpel in hand, you thrust into the scalp
The pain is unbearable, but you continue making the incision
With drill in hand, you find the seed of the demon inside
Blood spews over the walls as you drill deeper