Перевод песни Nickelback – Someone That You're With

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I reside in 209, you're in 208
You moved in last Friday night
And I just couldn't wait
So I tried to call across the hall
To ask you out someday
But a lineup formed outside your door, and I was way too late
Well I'd rather start off slow
This whole thing's like
Some sort of race
Instead of winning what I want
I'm sitting here in second place
Because somewhere
The one I wanna be with's
With somebody else
Oh god, I wanna be that
Someone that you're with
I wanna be that someone
That you're with
And I can talk about it all day long
'Till I run out of breath
But I still wanna be that
Someone that you're with
I've got to be that
Someone that you're with
And I'm pacing by the phone
Cause I hate to be alone
And if you're out there with him
Somewhere and just about to kiss
God I wanna be that
Someone that you're with
Well I hear your favorite songs
You sing along with everyday
And I borrow things that
I don't need for conversation sake
Last night I heard your key
It hit your lock at 4 AM
Instead of being out with me
You must be out with them