Перевод песни Gouache – Let Me Go

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I'd rather meet this woman other day
Or some other time
Or some other life
I'm sick and tired of this twisted game
It feels like a crime
It cuts like a knife
I'm begging just let me go,
Find another toy
I'm begging just let me go,
I am not a boy
I'm begging just let me go,
I have lost my mind
How laughs a clows in the mud
Out loud —
I'll soon find
What hides this female in her poisoned heart
I would lide to feel
I would like to kill
But I am scared to get own start
Can I live apart?
What if I'm your part?
You keep on searching,
You're on your way,
Starting your bloody day,
So forget my name
I'm not your meat,
I will not pretend
Making you understand
Do you understand?
Maybe some day you will find
Someone to love
I wonder
Maybe you'll find someone to Make you fly