Перевод песни Gouache – Get Gone

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Oh, God, it's such a pain seeing you round
Baby, no don't wanna hear love in your sound
I don't need you to tell... what are you waiting for?
Everything's torn to rags, now go, go...
Oh what else can I lose? Look in my eyes!
Come and see how trust in you damns you and dies
Happy now? Make a bow, leave the crown —
You're not the one
I won't take any more, wanna fall, fall
I am screaming in your face
Get yourself gone
You threw our love to waist
Glad to see it writhing, baby?
Should I end it or should I Try to find the drug to save it?
But too bad I have no right —
It's killing my pride
I might wanna hurt you
I might wanna hold you
But I won't let you
One more time betray my heart
Have I ever told you
That I never knew you
How could I ever thought you would be the one...