Перевод песни ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) – Fly

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Mom and Dad we’re right
Greed will never get anything
When you see the light you’ll feel
Like you want to fly
There’s birds in the sky
And the trees will sing
And the world looks mighty good to me
The world is out of sight
And now you can’t touch anything
But when you see the light you’ll feel
Like you’re out of time
So just leave it all behind
And go quietly
I guess I’ll never know what’s in store for me
I feel that I’m not the same
I bought some beads
And I changed my name to Yahweh
I wear the robes of a Taoist sage
I am the helper of the ogre mage
Why do people fight?
Why does life mean anything?
When you know that you are doomed to die
But maybe that’s all right, maybe that’s why
I cry tears of joy
When I think about the way the world
Will fade from sight
I feel that I’m not the same
My body’s gone
And I changed my name to Karma
I’m comin' down like Georgia rain
I got to go to my dyin' day in nirvana
I wanna tell 'em what I can’t explain
Wanna tell 'em not to be afraid
Wanna tell 'em in the end that there is no pain
'Cause when you see the light
You’re gonna fly like a lion, up into the sky
While the world around you dies