Перевод песни Buddy Holly – It's Not My Fault

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It all started on a cool afternoon
I was standing by myself
When I noticed you
So I made my way
Across the room
Thinking what’s a guy to say
To get you in the mood
It’s not my fault that you’re beautiful
Saying that its not my fault that you’re
Smoking hot
Sooner or later when this feeling is mutual
I know we can
fly, fly, fly
fly, fly, fly
The first thing I heard was your voice
I’m telling all my boys
About your smile
Baby you don’t know what you doing to me
You’re making my heart dream
oh baby
Girl you’re too beautiful
For some dude to be talking terrible to
I’m thinking me and you
Dinner for two
As you deserve
As we converge
I’m thinking digging in a skirt
Get a job first
Them other guys I bet are making way to mine first
Them other itch in here
Dont mind on buying much first