Перевод песни Reel People – The Rain

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There's more than seven ways to wonder
And i know that we can fly
All guiding words of inspiration
Was supplied for the ride, it's a message for my people
It won't disappear, it don't give to fear
'cause this love is ocean wide
I want that love understand the meaning of A life lived unto its potential
Sun will shine, dessert dune
Sands of time, keep on running through
With another heatwave coming, i cant keep this pressure on,
Got me praying for those thunder clouds to rain
Rain for the rain for the rain (x7)
Rain from the sky, clearing my mind
Don't be mislead by disbelivers
They all blind to what's inside
Don't get hung up on destinations
Take the ride, say goodbye
To the necessary people
You don't have to fear
You won't disappear
They just playing with your mind
Keep it right on, that's the point of keeping on Staying cool when you feel your blood rising
Rivers dry, crash and burn
Fahrenheit, wait to turn
Drive the air condition, got it working over-time
Weather check they say it's set to Rain for the rain for the rain
Rain for the sky, clearing my mind
Rain for the flower, blessings they shower
Rain from the ocean, planet blue, all round you
Life anew, i see this miracle happening