Перевод песни Santana – Reflections

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Think about the present and the past times
Reflect on your life and the bad times
Think about the crazy and the strange shit
Then dig within inside and try to change shit
Reflect your mind
Reflect through time
My relation to these words spoken over beats leaps to and fro
All around, bound the energy in miles
Piles up towards the sky
High quantity of thoughts
Reflect the truth, sold another brother on the watch
On the clock of life, the mirror view
The clearest of reflection
Inspection of the lie that lies deep behind the stressin'
And it’s pressing me like time
Rhymes is just illusions
A world in confusion
A dream of revolution
These reflections like mine in the puddle of life
Skip rocks, waves making ripple effects
Situations etched, lessons in stone tablets
For the reference to the habit
Forming addictions to the memories of past shit
I let go, it comes back
Boomerang behavior runs common in the obstacles
I wanna shake my coat tails
They follow on the missions of my failure
Bring me down, crush me
Reflections can be beautiful, but most the time they rush me
And in an instance you see the mirror image looking at you
Looks just like you, got you eyes, and you whole disguise
Reflections, he seen his image in the lake
Reflected on the grass roots which harbors all the snakes
Otherwise known as a snake pit
Remember the python on you ankle and all that fake shit?
Remember when the cake was lit, and the wind blew it out?
Before you could taste the cream, they sliced it up and threw it out
I recollect, I think back in retrospect
I reflect and connect my memories
Remember these good times and these hard times
But it’s like that, and that’s the way it is
And that’s the way it was, but that ain’t how it gotta be
Reflect your mind, it works every time
Cuz if I knew then what I knew now, I’d be doin' fine
Reflect your mind, it works every time
Cuz if you knew then what you know now, you’d be doin' fine
Reflect though time…
I peep when I meet people, evil or positive
We live in the middle, lost within the riddle
On God’s reflection I stand, within an intersection of life lost
Double crossed by man, we stand ignorant
False prophet, gothic, prehistoric logic mixed our minds
Reflectin' signs of anger, reflection banger, reflection slanger
Reflection bombing hangars of 747's
Strangers wanna blow this shit to heaven
Reflection war, reflectin' poor, reflectin' Cold War
Reflectin' old multiple metal jacket tactics
You might see Murs reflectin' curse
Reflectin' hurts, you’s a bitch in a male skirt
If you don’t work to change your world, reflectin' hurls
In life with wisdom, beyond «blaow! blaow!»
Fake headwrapped female visions
We used to be in love with Duran Duran in '95
I got a condo in the white part of town
Change your name to Shanunu Brown, used to be Mary Tibbles
Reflect your mind before you get lost in the riddle
Reflect though time, this is time, reflect though time
We wear our reflectors when we move though your sector
Rollin' with the protector
So, we’re visiable; indivisible
Face war… Mystik Journeymen
Project Blowed
Living Legends
West coast
Grouch… and we out