Перевод песни Dane Cook – Punkass / Are You Out Of Your Fukin' Mind?!

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I’ve always wanted to uh. upper cut a punkass
And send him flying onto a table, preferably with a cake or a
Bowl of punch on it
And then it would break, and this would take place at a party, dance
Ghalla event
This is a direct quote that I want to recieve someday from someone
And I want them to mean it, when they say this
And I dont know what it is yet, but I want this reaction
«Are You Out of Your Fucking Mind?!»
And then I want to do whatever the action is
And then I want them to follow that up by saying
«You Really Are Out of your Fucking Mind!!»
Maybe shove some fireworks in my pants
«Hey Hey Are you out of your fucking mind?»
Shhh, *firework noises*
«You Really Are out of yuor fucking mind! Oh, he just let fireworks off
In his pants, he really is out of his fucking mind!.»