Перевод песни Dane Cook – Abducted

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I’ve always wanted to be abducted by a UFO
Yeah sometimes, I just go hang out in the woods
Im just waiting for that blue light (UFO noise) AHHHHHH
Thats how they suck you up, by a beam of light
They suck you up by your chest. and thats not nessecary
Through a rope ladder down, I’ll climb up
I’m interested, I’m here for you
Don’t suck me up by my chest, that hurts
Ou’re a hovering craft
Why wouldn’t I come in and poke around for a minute
It would be great to be abducted, what did you guys do this weekend?
Dude we got hammered, it was awesome
Oh yeah, I was abducted. I was zippin around the galaxy. haha
Sometimes if I think about, if UFO’s come down
I get a little concerned because then I thought this scenario
This would be the altimate, full circle, slap in the face of the united states
What if this happens, because look, we’re the greatest country on earth
But we get a little cocky from time to time…
If we don’t like the way your country is doin its business
We’ll kick the door in, (door noise)
Hey, hey, knock it off, you’re buggin the world, cut it out
And if you don’t listen to us, well through all kinds of weapons
And crazy shit at 'cha…
Which we always apologize about using 20 or 30 years later
Listen we’re really sorry about that, we were a little drunk at the time
And we got a little rambunchous. the bomb
We didn’t know it was gonna do that
We thought it was a contained blast and we didn’t know
It would make everything blow into smitherines…
And you were being kinda a bitch, country, country
You were being kinda a bitch
Are we cool now? Do you mind if we leave ¾ thousand toops and
Maybe some supplies here
You dont mind that do ya? DO YA MIND???
You wouldn’t want us to get drunk again would ya?!
High five us, photo op, (CHING)
We get a little ha, we get a little cocky, what if this happens, oh my god
What if this happens
What if the mother ship, (booooooom) comes over middle america
And we’re all sitting watching tv
All the news crews are focus’d in and were sitting there watching
What if when the hatches finally open (chaaaaa)
Outta the UFO’s come thousands of 100 foot native american indians?!
We’re gonna be watching like. FUCK those are huge indians
Please tell me there not giant indians, god damnit there huge indians
Alright good game america, we had some fun huh?
Hi giant indians, we did some shit… and…uhhhh…ah aha ha
…could you show us how to make giant corn???