Перевод песни Dane Cook – Driveway Intruder

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This is another one too and i knew you’re like me
I hate it when somebody turns around on my driveway
You’re just sitting comfortabely watching TV
You hear a car
Plusfs who’s this?
He its so disrupted if you look out strange car
You don’t know if its a goverment official
You start getting concernt
What I don’t know this car
Then they turn to leave ya
You waisted moments of my life
Moments i will never get back
Someday o I am gonna run out to that car catch them before they leave
Knock on the window make em roll down
You ever turn around on my driveway again
I gonna cut your fucking head off
I gonna put your head on my antenna and drive around
With your head on my antenna
And hopefully i’ll get a tougher?
And he goes are you outta your fucking mind?
Then i pull on the switch play
You really are outta your fucking mind!
And i go zang sadam
I hope they never come back and try to turn around my driveway again
Cause then i’ll be in the window like
Deamit I gotta cut this guy’s head off