Перевод песни Lewis Black – Blueberry Pancakes

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I leave you with an article from the paper
That I belive it will lighten the low that I dummped on you this evening
I think, when your thinking about all these problem
I can’t sing I can’t dance, but boy I can read
And this is as good as it gets
The first sentence
It trurly is the greatests peice of journalism ever written anywhere
Anytime, and i’m garateeing that
A woman almost bit of her husbend peinse
As he was preparing pancakes for breakfast
We are all feeling a little better now arnt we
Could the picture be any clearer
The young man wakes up
The youn woman still sleeping
Sob I never do shit around here
I’m gonna change that
She deseves better than what I do
I’m gonna go make her pancakes