Перевод песни Valley Lodge – Twenty-first Centrury Man

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
What are the fears that you hide
Twenty-first century man inside
King of a cruel new world
Leading the way as our age’s guide
Yours is a bright silver day
Yours is the voice that we march in time to
Reason has grown so passe
Look to the future we left behind
And all that we try has burned before our eyes
You can’t understand just what we plan
Twenty-first century man
Think of the home that we had
Twenty-first century man, it’s sad
Thought we had learned from our mistakes
But you were the best that we could make
The fear that you hide
Behind the veil of lies
Is older my friend than you and I
Pass it down the line
Pass it down the line
Pass it down the line