Перевод песни VeggieTales – Bumblyburg Groove Remix

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Who do they call when Bumblyburg’s in trouble?
Who do they call, who do they call
Who do they
Who’s got the suit with super-suction ears?
Who’s got the suit, who’s got the suit
Who’s got the
You need a hand? He’s right there on the double
You need a hand, you need a hand
You need a
Hey Hey he’s on the way
Purple and yellow, he’s one super fellow!
Larry Boy! Larry Boy!
Lean and mean green machine
Larry Boy! Larry Boy! Larry Boy!
Out of sight
Larry Boy!
Hey, I got something to say
Ad-lib, fib in the crib
Oh great
Junior broke a plate
Daddy walking in the door, Art Bigotti on the floor
Laura’s Fault, Lenny’s Fault
Big Fib puts on a bib
Looking down at junior like a
Here I come, see me fly
Saw the signal in the sky
Super suction comes to action
Purple spandex satisfaction
Break it down
Where do you turn when this world needs a hero
Where do you turn, where do you turn
Where do you
A man with style and plungers on his head
A man with style, a man, a man with style