Перевод песни Dolly – Under The Bridge

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Rain falls in spite of you
I don’t feel it
So please let’s keep this moment
Honey just wait and see
I like this new place
It’s so peaceful here
Forget what’s gone
Under the bridge
We’re starting just one more life
I meam
We’re getting so close
And it feels good now
I watch you breathe at night
And i swallow air it keeps me alight
Working to keep our mid free
From fears
Maybe i’m only dreaming
Just tell me that i’m right
If you want following the tears
That i was hiding from
We’re sheltered by the beautiful trees
We look so naked
I meam
We’re getting so close
I’m feeling good and you feel so nice
Just watch me as i leave
See that silence
It’s better when we forget the fights
Imagine we’re swimming
High above the stars at night
So now we follow beliefs
Never thought it was too late
So now we can feel it
I can swallow all the air
You give to me
I guess you need
I guess you need my body
I guess i need
I guess i need yours too
I guess you need
I guess i need
Need it need it