Перевод песни Skankin' Pickle – Gas In My Car

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I put some gas in my car and I’m ready to go go go
We’ll blow this town for a while, doesn’t matter where we go
You think we might get away with it, I think we might get away with it but how?
Oh, I’ve got to know how
Monday morning they’ll be asking questions
Monday morning we’ll have to answer questions
So let’s get our story straight
Let’s tie up all these loose ends
I’ll give you an alibi, I, I’ll give you an alibi, too
We’ll live together forever in our own place
We’ll live together like we always wanted to do
Radio’s playing and we all know the words to the song
There’s a man in the trunk and I don’t think he’s singing along
You think..
I see the red lights on top of that black and white car
Don’t look suspicious cause I think we’ve got’em fooled so far
You think..
I put some gas in my car.