Перевод песни Anti-Flag – Summer Squatter Go Home

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I think i hear your mommy callin' on your cellular phone
She said your dad wants his car back so you'd better go home
Squatter go home
Go home, go home, squatter go home
You got no money for the punk rock show
It's delegated for a beer and a ho Spitting, pissing, cumming, and shitting
So you have cool clothes
Squatter go home
I see you sittin' on the boulevard
With your tired and pissed off stare
Tellin' everyone your hard luck story, and what landed you here
You think of mommy and of daddy
Out in their safe suburban home
And you know that's where you're gonna be when you start to feel the cold
I'm saying poser go home
Poser squatter go home
Summer squatter go home
Poser squatter go home
Squatter go home
Go home, take a bath, take a shower, wash your clothes
Squatter go home