Перевод песни Subhumans – Rats

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
a sense of enterprise is here
the attitudes that conquer fear
the feeling cannot be supressed
hand in hand we had our say
westand but so did they
hands in handcuffs dragged away
to cheers of hate andvictory!
chorus: we fought the city but no-one cared
they passed it off asjust a game
the city won't stop til attitudes change
rats in the cellars ofthe stock exchange
co-ordination was not so good
but everyone did just whatthey could
unarmed with inexperience
we had to use our common sense
if youact like rats you get treated like this
said a policeman like we didn't exist
when the force of law has ost it's head
the law of force is what you get
we fought their calculations
money gained from thrid world nations
that money spent on war
could be used to feed their poor
the papers played
the whole thing down
said there was nithing to worry about
the rats have allgine underground
but we'l be back again next time round