Перевод песни The Blow – Fists Up

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I have tried
My hopes have blossomed
And my hopes have fried
I tried to cut them all down
But I found hopes were still living deep inside
Like a team of renegade lovers
Working long hours sneaking around
With a belief in the life of our love
Like a light at the end
Of a long tunnel; a struggle
Fists up!
For all their faith in one preceding a face
They really do believe that if
They hang on long enough
That you’ll come around
And finally let it show
And all their hopes will be rewarded
For their impetus to grow
And utopian peace would fall across the land
You’ll reach over for my hand
You’ll really want to hold my hand
And I don’t want to come to the point of this song
Because the point of this song
Would have to be so long
It gets hard:
The vigilantes can’t agree on who’s in charge
They gave their souls for the cause
But the love that they were after’s still at large
See this faith in which they found allegiance
Ripping at the seams as hope is running it’s course
The rebels just can’t muster the force
To walk the thin line between belief and delusion
It was perfect you know
With just one little problem
The fact that it turns out
You don’t really want it
My love is a fortress
My love is the Louvre
But it can’t ever thrive
If I’m forced to keep proving it