Перевод песни Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Jeane, If You're Ever In Portland

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back in town with damaged lungs
& shot ear drums & misplaced kisses
& someone who misses
who misses me in kansas
the second i got out of the van
i saw you giving your cash to the doorman
i saw the x on your hand
& i knew you were the one
or i knew you'd understand
or oh, i wish we could have talked all night
we had to be in illinois by daylight
& what i wouldn't give to be your man
but i can't break up the band
& jeane, there must be more than letters & phone calls
so say you'll come see maine when the snow falls
just say you'll come see maine when the snow falls
there's kissing in kansas but that's not home
& we sigh when we're on the phone
but the voice in my ear
says it wouldn't be same if you came here
but it's just miles
it's only miles
it's just miles
& miles & miles & miles & miles