Перевод песни Nights Like These – Ghost Town Rituals

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
And when I open my eyes I see the end of
An ending life I’ve forgotten how to live
I keep forgetting, I keep rebuilding
This is when I say I’m done
I haven’t learned
No one will show me, so I go on my own
Honestly, I’m so fucking pitiful
Don’t tell me what I’ve heard before
Destined to walk another day alone
This day is dying
This day is fucking dead
Just shine my way back home
You can stay if you find comfort
Don’t speak
Just breathe instead
Just don’t leave me alone
I don’t just need it, I deserve it
I want what I promised myself
I want what you promised us all
I’m coming to terms
This is the end of denial
Sometimes things just fall apart
Angels laugh above me and demons wait below
I’m naked, bare, and broken, ready to go home
Now I need you more than ever
And when heaven overlooks me I’ll need you there to pick me back up