Перевод песни Action Action – Smoke And Mirrors

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Comatose, feed my head with liberty, I’ve got an appetite for deceit.
I’m done, well done, stick fork in Me, cover me in apathy, dicreetly and distinct able. I am trying to break your
heart. I’m plagued with
Doubt, no frogs or murdered first born. My thoughts are just a little sun burnt,
dismantle all that ever
Was, strip it down: withdraw the blood. Something going to break real soon,
who’s covering whose eyes?
Safety in knowing others lies pulled by the strings of time. Hold me back:
I’m going to throw it all down
On the table. Do you expect us to believe in these fables? Oh, what to do with
you? with you, with you,
With you? Hold me tight, it seems all I really have is in front of me,
Fallacy? Oh, what to do with you? with you, with you, with you? A throw back to all those 80's slasher
Flicks, you’re a cheap killer, and I’m getting sick of it. God’s dead,
and all bets have waived their
Rights, all is fair in love and time, who win the game of war? Illusion,
a delusion, a terrible secret,
What one does see is another’s lost prophet. Hold me close, I can see right
through you, challegne all
You’ve ever heard, incite the search and motivate. Somthing going to break real
soon, who’s covering whose
Eyes? Safety in knowing others lies, pulled by the strings of time.
Please read between the lines, a Simple compromise between the sands of time. Please say with me, say with me…